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Welcome to Your Medical Home

When it comes to health care, you are seeking wellness, recovering from illness or managing a chronic condition. It is a cycle of staying well, getting well, and being well. If you deal with these health situations in a long-term relationship with a trusted provider, then you've found a Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Your role on the team:

You are the most important person on your medical home team at Clarity Healthcare. Be an active team member; talk openly with your team.

Here are some ways you can help the team provide you with better care:

Ask questions about your health.

Discuss your complete medical history with your care team, including past health care successes and challenges.

Let the team know about any other health care professionals you visit.

Let other providers or facilities you visit know your primary care provider is at Clarity Healthcare.

Tell your team if you are having trouble sticking with your care plan.

Speak up if your care plan is not working so together you can make changes.

Discuss updates to your care plan and new goals.

Tell the team how you feel about the care you are receiving at your medical home.

Tips for working with your medical team:

The following steps can help ensure that you team provides you with the best care possible:

Write down the names of your team members.

Get ready for your appointments by writing a list of questions ahead of time. Bring the list with you to your appointments.

During your appointments, ask your most important questions first and keep track of the answers.

Discuss with your team what health issues you would like to work on first. Before you leave the office, be sure you know the things you need to work on before your next appointment.

Use your own words to repeat back to the medical providers the things you've discussed with them. This way, the provider will know the information is clear to you.

Ask your team how to reach them when the clinic is not open.

Primary Care Team

Anil Gupta

Doctor of Medicine (MD/FACEP)

Tonya Stamper

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Betty M. Long

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC) - School Based Services

Current Services:

Welcome Packet:

Transportation and Translation Assistance:


141 Communication Dr.
P.O. Box 151
Hannibal, MO   63401

Main Office: 573-603-1460
Main Fax: 573-603-1462
Normal Hours:
8am-5pm - Mon-Wed-Th-Fri
8am-7pm - Tuesday
Primary Care Hours:
8am-8pm - Mon-Fri
After Hours:


The PATCH Center
School Based Clinic

4600 McMasters Ave
Hannibal, MO   63401

Main Office: 573-719-3247
Main Fax: 573-603-1734
Normal Hours:
7am-5pm Mon-Thursday
7am-10am Friday

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3531 Stardust Drive
Hannibal, MO   63401

Main Office: 573-603-1460
Main Fax: 573-603-1462
Normal Hours:
8am-5pm - Mon-Fri

St. Louis

4066 Dunnica Avenue
St. Louis, MO   63116

Main Office: 636-224-1700
Main Fax: 314-535-5917
Normal Hours:
8am-5pm - Mon-Fri


639 York Street
Suite 212
Quincy, IL   62301

Main Office: 1 (217)-222-6277
Main Fax: 217-214-5450
Normal Hours:
8am-5pm - Mon-Friday
After Hours:


On-Site Clinic
Call for Appointment

540 Harrison Street
Quincy, IL   62301

Main Office: 1 (217)-222-6277
Main Fax: 217-214-5450
Normal Hours:
On Demand - Call our office for an appointment

Bowling Green

1 Healthcare Place
Bowling Green, MO   63334
(Inside Pike County Health Department)

Main Office: 573-324-2200
Main Fax: 573-324-2212
Normal Hours:
8am-5pm - Monday - Thursday
8am-2pm - Friday


1805 East Walnut Street
Columbia, MO   65201

Main Office: 573-476-0030
Main Fax: 573-442-5200
Normal Hours:
8am-5pm - Mon-Fri

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Focused On You

We care about you as a patient and will work to ensure you have high quality health care no matter your age or condition. All of our services are designed to assess your health and wellness.

Whole-Person Care

As a community health center, Clarity Healthcare will take a comprehensive approach to your health care - providing services that focus on whole-person care.


You and your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that our health center has been recognized for providing quality care by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.